Are you training hard enough?

The Christmas blues are over and we are all back to training with a bang! The classes have had a superb energy and it’s good to see new faces joining the TMFIT family!

Just a couple of things we want you to try and think about over the next few weeks as we really want to see you get the most out of your sessions with us:

Increase Levels & Speeds: Your fitness levels only improve the more you push as your body gets used to the same stimulus. If you have been on the same levels for a while then start increasing them slightly as well as your speeds. Try challenging yourself to keep at a higher intensity so you get a little extra out of each interval.

Light Weights Don’t Work: In order for your muscles to change shape and improve tone you have to lift a weight that challenges the muscles. It’s hard enough for a man to increase muscle size but even harder for a lady due to the lack of testosterone. Therefore try going up a weight even if it is for the first set or the first few reps. You will see better results over a period of time.

You Can’t Out Run a Bad Diet: We all want to feel good and look good and exercise is a massive part in helping us to do this. However, no matter how hard you train you can always undo your good work by overindulging. Start cutting down on the treats, watch your portion sizes and think about cooking healthy, home cooked foods instead of processed, easy option meals.


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