"The only gym & exercise regimen I have stuck to"

“The only gym and exercise regimen I have stuck to. I have been going for four years and actually look forward to the sessions!

Hard work in a fun, friendly and flexible environment. Would highly recommend it.”

Claire Hebdon


"I'll soon be celebrating my 10th anniversary with TMFIT!"

“Soon be celebrating my 10th anniversary with Tom! A brilliant trainer.

He has kept me motivated and fit going into my 60’s meaning I can continue to ref rugby matches at a good level. Passed my ref fitness test again a month ago.”

Doug Cooke


"The trainers are lovely"

“Can’t recommend TM Fit enough! The trainers are lovely, the classes are varied which makes them enjoyable and the hour always flies by…

I wouldn’t go anywhere else”

Sarah Harvey


"I couldn't recommend TMFIT enough"

“Hadn’t trained for quite some time and thanks to the guys at TM Fit am thoroughly enjoying it once again!

Fantastic, varied classes adapted to individual fitness levels or health issues. Trainers are great who push you but in a supportive, encouraging way. If you wanna get back into a fitness regime, forget joining a gym and get in contact with TM Fit!”

Steve Read


"Always a pleasure to visit TMFIT"

“Always pleasure to visit TMFIT – friendly dedicated people who know what their doing. Always a varied and entertaining schedule tailored to your age and fitness levels, particularly important for me as I’m getting on a bit.”

Graham Terry


"I highly recommend TMFIT"

“I started training at TMFIT about three years ago and they have turned me from someone who hated gyms and found group training sessions hideous, to someone who absolutely loves it!!

I’m fitter than I’ve ever been in my life and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my body, all thanks to their HIIT classes. The classes are small enough that you are supported and pushed and every single trainer is really friendly and helps you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a friendly group to train hard and get fit with in an environment where you don’t feel like second best if you’re not the fittest of the fit then I highly recommend TMFIT.”

Karen Read


"TMFIT are first class"

“TMFIT are first class, excellent PT staff, friendly and engaging, small class sizes, different sessions keeps you engaged each week”

James Neale


"Feels like personal training within a group/class"

“Great classes! Feels like personal training within a group/class. Highly recommend.”

Jon McComish


"I am pleased to recommend TMFIT"

“I am pleased to recommend TM fit. The sessions are hard work but friendly and non judgemental whatever your fitness level.

Tom, Laura, Dawn and Tyler all go the extra mile to get to know you and how hard to push you to achieve your goals.”

Tricia Richardson


"Not judging you as to whether you are old, fat or thin"

“A great place to get fit with the trainers not judging you as to whether you are old, fat or thin. An issue I have encountered at other gyms”

Christine Manley