Free Taster Session

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Would you like to see what we do but are worried you’re not fit enough?

Everybody who has enquired about joining TMFIT is always worried that they are not fit enough, young enough or capable for whatever reason.  But, this is the reason why we offer a free taster session, so we can show you that none of these reasons matter. 

Use our application form to apply for your free taster session and one of the TMFIT team will be in touch within the next 24 hours to answer any of your questions and arrange your session.

Free Taster Session

What to Expect From Your Taster Session

We will send you a medical questionnaire form and personal information sheet to fill out beforehand. We then ask that you arrive 10 minutes early before the start of your taster session so we can introduce ourselves, explain the session format and have a general chat about your fitness levels, injuries, etc before the class begins.

We will make you feel comfortable, welcomed and ease you through one of our sessions without you feeling intimidated or out of your comfort zone.

Our clients ages range from 14 – 77 years old and we are able to accommodate everyone into our Group PT formats successfully.

Upon the class starting we will take you through every exercise showing you the correct technique and making sure you are comfortable throughout. If there are any exercises that you can’t do or prefer not to do then we will make sure to give you an alternative that you are happy with.

Upon completing your free taster session, we will discuss how you got on, what you liked and didn’t like and see how you would like to move forward.